Exmoor Rural Housing Network

The Exmoor Rural Housing Network has been recruiting Local Housing Contacts from across Exmoor. These are people who have volunteered to offer support and a listening ear to people who are seeking to find suitable housing that they can afford and that meets their needs on Exmoor.

A Local Housing Contact is not a housing expert and will not necessarily be able to solve your housing problem. They will make themselves available to listen to and help people with a housing problem to think through their options. They will put people in touch with people or agencies who might be able to help. While the aim will be to match people with a housing need with housing solutions this may not always be possible.

Your Local Housing Contact

The Local Housing Contact for Exford is Anna Fraser. She has just moved to Exford but has lived mostly on Exmoor for 46 years with a family connection going back further. She has worked primarily as an artist and has experience in a range of other interesting occupations. She has first-hand experience of the challenge of finding quality housing at a reasonable rent and is keen to help others in this quest and with other housing related issues.

She can be contacted at annafraserartist@googlemail.com