Exford Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

My name is Bowen Thomas and I am the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Exford parish. If you would like to join the scheme or pass on any relevant information please contact me.

I feel the Scheme will benefit everyone in the community by sharing information and passing it on to each other.

The scheme will operate as follows:- If you have any concerns, pass it on to the police by dialling 101 and also inform me so I can contact other members. Similarly, if the police have reports of illegal activity within a 10 mile radius they will inform myself.

Anyone wishing to receive my updates from the police and other sources can contact me via my e-mail and I will add them to my circulation list if they provide me with their e-mail address. I only send information by e-mail as I have limited time and resources.

Area Co-ordinator:

Bowen Thomas
email: bowenthomas100@hotmail.com